Sunday, 28 June 2015


Today it has been hot and sunny and I have heard many people talk about summer being here. Today we had the obligatory ice cream, purchased a paddling pool and had a bbq!

Today I have been thinking about seasons

The other week after one glorious day of sunshine followed by a day of rain, I heard people declare that summer is over! It made me think that some seasons tend to be much longer than others. Sometimes winter never seems to end and summer is so short loved. Some years we have a bumper crop of one plant and a shortage of another all because of the length of the seasons. 

Seasons are very biblical and play an important part in God's economy. In our christian walk we go through seasons or times that are clearly distinct. In Ecclesiastes it talks about there being a season for everything and that is certainly the case, but I have been becoming increasingly aware that every season is a great opportunity for learning. It is an opportunity for wisdom, an opportunity for to prepare for future adventures with Christ, an opportunity to discover God's destiny and to train for battle.

The TV series The game of thrones has a phrase "Winter is Coming" but for a long time I felt I was stuck in a really long winter. I have been in a season where every day seemed to bring another bleak forecast, where the chill never seemed to leave the bones, where the the wind was always howling and where winter never seemed to end. 

Through it all, however, there were glimpses of joy. There was an occasional frosty morning with gleaming sunshine, or the odd snowball fight that leaves your hands stinging and your breath short from laughter.

In the past month something wonderful has happened. SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

 Looking back on my 'winter' I can see the Lord clearly guiding my steps and can start to see just how much he has taught me through this time. I have learnt the value of a loving and caring family, I have seen my marriage grow stronger and stronger and I have seen God's providence in every part of my life

Saying goodbye to my friends and colleagues as the Salvation Army in Ashton-in-Makerfield, where I work as the corps assistant, to pursue my call to full time ministry, has been a really strange experience. I am so grateful for all the Lord has taught me in this time, The people have truly been a ray of sunshine in my long winter,  I am overwhelmed to see how God's hand has been guiding me and how much I have learnt in preparation for my future adventures. 

So as I hear people in coming days debate whether summer is over for another year, I am gladly declaring Spring is here and the earth is once again starting to bloom!

But Thank you Jesus for winter.