Friday, 3 July 2015

Technology for Jesus

I love technology! I love the way it enhances our life and allows us to stay connected to the people around us. I am a big fan of social media.

 I love following the lives of friends and family on facebook and staying up to date on both happy and not so joyful times. I love seeing the pictures of the interesting things people are doing on instagram and I have recently re-ignited my love of twitter. I started this blog because of the inspiration and encouragement I have received through other people in their own blogs.

This week thousands of members of the Salvation Army from all over the world have descended on the O2 arena in London for the boundless 2015 congress 

Thanks to the wonders of technology I have been able to watch the live stream of the main sessions along with the pre and post shows in my pjs with a cup of tea in my living room! Whilst sharing with my brothers and sisters worldwide, God had been challenging me in a massive way! 

On one of the pre-shows they were discussing some of the work that the army does with social media. The American Salvation Army Vision network  do absolutely fantastic work and they even have social media Chaplains who support and pray for people on social media who need someone to talk to. For some people the platform of Social media may be the only one in which they feel they can be themselves or confide in others. These chaplains encourage others to connect with the people around them and make a difference


Watching the celebrations on founders day on the founding of the Salvation Army, I was reminded that William Booth made a difference in the world using the tools around him. Be it the Music hall songs or the simple cup of tea. 

Over recent months I have felt challenged about what CAN I do? and what can I USE to do it?  In this mornings session at the congress Commissioner Janet Poane explained that we are only accountable to God, This life is not about 'me' and 'my' culture but we need to have a kingdom of God culture. 

In the bible God calls us to 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' For many of us today our neighbours aren't only the people physically around us, but is also the network of people connected to us in the cyber world. 

So what am I going to do? How can I love my neighbour on facebook/instagram/twitter? 

Today I make a promise to pray. To pray for those on social media who may be struggling. Not only that I promise to make that step to tell that person that I am praying and that I know someone who can help, and that his name is Jesus Christ.

Today I will take up the call to be a streetlight and shine out on the social media highway.....Will you? 

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