Saturday, 23 January 2016

I am ME!

I am me!

This week I had a revealation. I am me! Some of you may be thinking “duh, of course you are you!”  But this week it was something that really hit home.

As part of our training and development as ministers in the Salvation Army Paul and I have just spent the last week at the William Booth Training college in London. It has been an interesting and challenging week in many ways! There was some great teaching, thought provoking worship and some fellowship with people walking on the same road of ministry as me. But for me, the greatest part of the week, was in the gentle call and affirmation that God seemed to breath over me as the days went by.

There were a number of points over the week that God spoke to me and said “you are you and I made you that way. Stop worrying over the way you are, if you are wrong, I will tell you!”

On Monday morning as I read my devotional I was struck by these Words

As I meditated on these words I penned this prayer

As I continued to consider the reality of being a child of a king, I found some interesting quotes that I just had to share!

Later on in the week we completed a Myers Briggs Type indicator test, where we found out a little bit about different parts of our personalities. As we were led through this, the group leader reminded us of a verse in Ephesians 2 that states we are God’s masterpiece. This really struck me. When an artist creates a masterpiece, it is good! It is deliberately created, every last bit!

As I read my ‘personality type’ and considered the things I had heard I felt a sense of affirmation. I may very clearly see all my faults and flaws. I may mess up come before God time and time again feeling sorry for myself….. but I am me, and when he made me he said it was good! WOW!

Furthermore, I came to the realisation that although Paul and I may be very different, that’s how God made us, and that is how God wants us in order to do his work where he places us.

I don’t know what is ahead for Paul and I, it is all very exciting, and a little bit scary! But I do know that I am me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and as I continue on this Journey of faith, God will continue to shape me and prepare me to be the best I can be for him. 

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