Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hiding behind my Father's legs!

There are days when we feel like we could take on the world, and days when we feel we couldn’t fight our way out of a paper bag! This morning I feel useless! In fact, worse than useless!

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many great things going on. I am seeing fruit in my ministry, my marriage and my family but I still feel like I want to pull the duvet over my head and never emerge. Maybe it’s tiredness, maybe it’s because I’m coming down with a cold or maybe I am letting the devil tell me what a failure I am (!)  but It all seems too much.

This morning, as I read my daily devotionals (If you are a woman on fire for God and looking for a great daily devotional check out http://herbinderproject.com/ it is fabulous!!) God gave me a message. As I read Psalm 89v8 I felt in awe of his power and faithfulness. I then received a picture of a child hiding behind their father’s legs.

I'm sure you have seen the scenario. The dad and child are out and the Dad has seen someone they know. The child becomes shy or unsure and the find the safest place they can to hid, behind their father’s legs! It is a place of protection and safety. Attached to those legs is a person of power, love and faithfulness.


For a little while

I am hiding behind my Heavenly Father’s legs!

I need a bit of safety and a whole lot of love. I need to experience his faithfulness and be filled with his power. So when I am a little more confident, I can emerge from behind him and be ready to stand firm

And fight the fight! 

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