Friday, 12 February 2016

My Journey in journaling

Just under a year ago something happened that completely changed my relationship with God and shaped the way I live out my faith. Over lent I always try to take something on that will help others rather than giving up something, and I often participate in 40 acts. This is where you are challenged to do 40 different things and make an impact in your own community (Check it out at ) Last year, day 1 called me to buy a journal and make notes over the 40 days of lent. I bought a journal and started….

And I haven’t stopped!

I have written all sorts in my journal; prayers, sermons, notes, doodles, artwork and anything and everything that God has prompted me to do. As I started spending time pouring my heart out to the Lord on the pages of my journal I found my faith was growing, I started really looking forward to spending time with God and was glad to get up a little earlier in order to spend time with him.

Recently my expression of faith has been extended to bible journaling. I started to see some fascinating pieces of artwork on the pages of the bible whilst browsing pinterest (If you haven’t explored pinterest, do! It is amazing, but be prepared to lose hours of your time!) At first I wasn’t too sure how I felt about drawing in the bible, I had always underlined etc but wasn’t quite sure if drawing in it felt right. However, I soon came to realise the depths of faith and meditation it can bring, and saw people’s faith being transformed by this simple act.

Not so long ago I bought myself a journaling bible and I sat with my pencils and colours waiting to create! I prayed and started to journaling and WOW! It really was an amazing experience, God spoke to me very clearly and I loved pouring out my heart and soul out through this artistic expression.

As I have continued to journal (I am still a newbie really) I have come to realise that what the finished piece looks like doesn’t really matter. The real point of it all is the deepening relationship with my best friend, my heavenly father.
There are some fantastic resources available on the internet and some great groups on Facebook. Through the exploration of bible journaling I have been blessed to find myself a part of an online worshipping community.

I would encourage you to step out in faith and try it, but more than that I challenge you to explore new ways to deepen your faith. Journaling may not be for you, but seek out a way to engage in his word. You will see fruit beyond expectation and God will use you to dream great dreams and soar to new depths with him. 

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  1. YAY! Alice - GO GIRL GO!
    A fellow doodler/journaller for Christ!
    There really are 'visual' Christians out there, it's not just the note taking academics, musically talented, all singing, all dancing foot tapping worshipers or those speaking in tongues peeps out there - for all of these talents - praise the Lord!
    Make way for the pencil, papers, scissors and glue brigade - that's us the crafters and artists who also love God and worship him in a rainbow of colours and the odd sprinkling of glitter and glitz and many a varied medium!
    'All that glitters is not gold' - it's pure love directed at none other than our Father in Heaven, it's to Jesus who died on the cross for me, us you!
    Thank-you God for artistically / creatively talented people and for bringing Alice to Mold here in little old North Wales.
    Christine xOx
    Any age, any ability - if you can hold a pencil/crayon you can draw/colour in - give it a go!