Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Enlarge your tent!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. The challenges seem to be coming thick and fast and the devil has started to get a bit personal. But if you remember my word for this year is gratitude so I won’t bore you with any details! Instead let me share some of the great blessings the past few weeks have given me!

Sometimes do forget, or maybe don’t appreciate the little messages God gives or those answers to prayers that we have been praying for a long while. Today however, I want to celebrate them! Not only to share with you some of the Awesome things God has done, but by remembering these blessing I am building myself up for the things that are ahead

A couple of weeks ago as I was reading my daily devotional I was prompted to read Isaiah 54. When I got to verse 2 I read this.

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
    stretch your tent curtains wide,
    do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
    strengthen your stakes.

As I read it I felt the God saying to me ‘This is for you Alice, This is for you and your ministry’ I was a little taken back. My ministry seemed a little full already, with lots to do and very little time to do it. However God was adamant. I journaled it excitedly in my journal and mulled over what it might mean

The next day, as I checked through my emails, nestled among the various messages from Costco and The Salvation Army, I found an email from a lovely lady in America asking if I would write for their daily devotionals. WOW! My tent just got a bit bigger! If you want to take a look it is over at It is a fabulous tool to grow in faith and delve into God's word

The next day as Paul and I walked the dogs we prayed together. I asked that God would send to us people to the centre who didn’t know you, people who we could minister to, people who would be changed by the message we bring, Paul gave a big amen and we went on our way.

Every day in our coffee shop we stop for a prayer, but on a Wednesday and Saturday we take the opportunity to share a bit more of the gospel with the cumtomers in our pause for thought. This day was my turn and I talked about the cross and God’s unfailing love for us. I finished with a beautiful song called written in red.  Afterwards a man approached. Completely blown away by the song and the message that was given.
Paul and I sat with him for over an hour introducing him to Jesus. He went away walking on air, holding his new bible and a knowledge of God’s life changing power.

This was just two very small snippets. God is doing some great things. I could talk for a long time of the little blessings God is giving me.

Life isn’t easy and we can fall into a trap where we do not notice the prayers he answers or the promises he gives. Today I am praying that my tent will grow even larger. I pray that more people will come to know Jesus’ saving grace, and that people will share with me the great things God is doing in their lives. 

The devil will strike and I know he will still drag me down into the pit of insecurity and sadness.


I serve a bigger God and I will have an attitude of Gratitude and give God the glory for the great things he has done. 

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