Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dream Big!

I am in such a blessed position! My husband and I are the commanding officers (pastors) of a wonderful church and community outreach, and the people are gorgeous!! In our short year in leadership in this place we have seen God moving in a really powerful way;

We have seen people coming to Christ,
We have seen people touched with the Holy Spirit,
We have seen people blossoming and flourishing before our eyes,
We have seen prayers answered in a powerful way,
We have seen God provide for our needs,
We have seen more and more people who are lost and desperate come through our doors



Recently at a conference I was challenged to dream big! To lay aside things that hold us back and press on to the goal.

You see it is so easy to get bogged down in the day to day flow of life. It is easy for the little things to become the big things, and then the big things seem to fade away. The devil doesn't play fair! He always plays dirty. 


Today I am dreaming big. I am already praying for our new premises when ours becomes too small. I am seeing people sat in every seat on a Sunday, the mercy seat worn by repentant sinners. I am seeing healings and miracles in Jesus name and I am clinging to and praying over the words or wisdom and prophecy spoken over our corps in recent days! 

People have seen a resurrection church forming, they see a harvest ripe reaping and a revival sweeping across our town with us at the front with our flag flying high! 

Oh I am dreaming Big!

Why don't you dream big too today? 

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