Friday, 17 June 2016

Waiting on God

As many of you know I write devotionals monthly for  and and I recently wrote this devotional. I really felt this morning someone needed to read this x x x

God’s word promises us that he will give us the desires of our hearts if we live a life sold out to him…but he doesn’t say when!

I remember when all my friends started to find long term relationships and get married. It was a really difficult time. The desire of my heart was to be a wife and a mum, but I couldn’t see how God was going to do it! I blamed myself for the long wait…I thought I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, funny enough!

But then I came to a realisation, a God given realisation. God asked me what I was focusing on; my desires or God. You see, we have to be focused on the right things. We must choose to fix our eyes on Jesus and continue to run the race. It is only in focusing on him, through the waiting, that we receive the things we desire and understand they come from him.

You are not alone! 

In the bible we see so many stories of people who lived a life sold out for God and waited to receive the things they desired. Sarah waited for a child, Joseph waited to be released from prison, Moses waited for his life to really start, Ruth waited to be happy again, Hannah waited for her promised child, and the list goes on and on!

I don’t know what you are waiting for today, but I do know that when we chose to fix our eyes on Jesus, the wait is a real adventure, and God will give you the desires of your heart in a way that knocks your socks off!

God gave me my desire for a husband after a long wait (and he was so worth the wait!) but God used that time to prepare me and help me be the best wife I can be. I am still waiting to be a mother and now I see the friends who found love when I was single now have babies, but I am assured that if I fix my eyes on Jesus he WILL give me the desires of my heart and it will be worth the wait!

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