Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Following in Jesus' footsteps at Galilee

We started our day by reading Psalm 103 on our way to the mountain where it is believed Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. What a psalm full of truth and power. As we travelled along, I prayed that as I was blessed by God, I may also bless and praise my saviour.

We arrived at the mount of Beatitudes, and with the heat already setting in, we found shade to read from Matthew 5. Eric explained how ‘the word’ was a master of the word and he attracted crowds wherever he went.

As I sat in the beauty of the gardens of the church I could hear a symphony of birds singing. The music could rival the most talented band or singing group! As I listened, I was reminded of Matthew 6:26 spoken at possibly this very place and I imagined Jesus at this actual place looking at the birds.

Of all the places I have visited so far, however, I struggled a little with this one. It wasn’t as I had imagined, a place once simple, had become so complicated and ornate.


God was there for me today, in the bird song and is there every day in his love for me.

As we travelled a little further, we stopped at a place called the church of St Peter’s primacy. When we arrived there were crowds of people trying to get a photograph of where it is believed Jesus appeared to the disciples and asked Peter “Do you love me?”  But as we started reading God’s word together, the crowds disappeared and it was just us, the water, and very tangibly Jesus!

We considered the fresh encounter that Peter had of Jesus. There we were encouraged to ask as if Jesus was speaking,

“Alice, do you love me?”

There, at that beautiful place, I wanted to scream and declare


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