Monday, 5 June 2017

The Sea of Galilee

Our final stop of the day was to see the Jesus boat – a 2000 year old boat discovered on the shore of Galilee. After we had seen this we then went on our own ride over the sea of Galilee.

Words cannot even begin to describe my experience there and even writing this, I can feel tears coming to my eyes. As we began our journey with the beautiful sun on our skin, we listened to songs of worship. I simply couldn’t stay in my seat or keep my hands by my side and as we sang ‘My Jesus, My Saviour’ the tears poured. Then the Bethel version of ‘It is well’ played. As the music washed over me, I was reminded of the promise Jesus had given me already on this trip, and the words from the song brought such deep peace.

Paul was then asked to read from Mark 4:35 where Jesus calms the storm. It was overwhelming to know that the very story happened where I was sailing.

Then, after a short thought we sang 10,000 reasons. This song is so special to me because it holds special significance to my mother-in-law Jean. It was bizarrely significant because Jean hated it!! We had many discussions about the song and she wouldn’t be swayed into liking it! Ironically it was played at her funeral and has become very precious for many of her family including my step-daughters. Our trip to Israel was in memory of the great woman of faith, that was my mother-in-law, and so this moment was especially cherished. As I sang the song, I treasured the memories of her, I thanked God for the profound influence that she had on my life and thanked God for the opportunity to come in her memory.

These moments on the sea of Galilee I will never forget. 

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