Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thirst in the wilderness

Our first stop today was Beit She’an, a fabulously preserved ancient town. It was on the tel that Saul and his son’s headless bodies hung. It was also part of Decapolis in a later period.

We saw impressive bath houses, shops and theaters, but it was soooo hot! After seeing some amazing pillars that had been felled and split by an earthquake, Paul and I decided to take an opportunity to rest and recoup in the shade.

As I sat with a drink, I considered the importance of water in the bible in a completely fresh light. Christ as the living water was a pretty big deal! The refreshment and rest that Christ offers surpasses that of a cool drink on a hot day. It is life saving, life transforming and life giving.

After our visit to Beit She’an, we began our journey through the Judean wilderness to Jerusalem. As we travelled we saw the border with Jordan and miles and miles of arid wasteland. We stopped for lunch in a little café and after a welcome meal of chips (!)  I sat outside in the intense heat and pondered. This was Sunday morning and although it was lunchtime for us, at home our church were gathering for worship, I was reminded of psalm 42.

A short while later, I was meeting with God in a powerful way! 

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